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Why TaxProAlliance?

Our software is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient professional tax software solution for high-volume tax offices. We specialize in quick and accurate tax refunds and bank products. Both a desktop version and a 100% web-based version are available to meet the needs of your company.

Number one professional tax software for preparers

#1 Tax Software for Preparers

Who offer bank products.

Number one professional tax software for preparers

#1 Tax Software for Preparers

Who operate multiple locations.

Software Features

Electronic Signature Pad

Capture all required signatures with one stroke of a pen. Never miss a signature again. If you're the preparer, you sign once and it lasts all season long. Your clients will love it and so will you.

Scan & Store Documents

Give your copier the season off. Scan and store all your clients' documents directly in the tax return. Give yourself and your clients peace-of-mind knowing their documents are backed-up, secure, and easy to access.

Integrated TextPro

Communicate with your clients via text. It's integrated in the software. Just think, you just printed 100 checks. In just two clicks, you can notify every client that their check is ready!

Point & Shoot Error Correction

Built-in compliance and accuracy checks take you directly to the trouble spots and incomplete items in the tax return. Never e-file an incomplete tax return again!

Remote Signature Capture

Use TaxProAlliance Remote Signature to request and receive a signature for all required tax forms. Safe, Secure, and Compliant.

Off-Site Emergency Backup

Peace of mind knowing that every return is automatically stored safely and securely off-site.

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