Audit Assistance

Audit Allies

Audit Allies defends taxpayers and EROs like never before. With products like ERO Protect and Audit Protect, you and your clients have an ally in the event of an audit. The best part? EROs can mark up the low price point of ERO Protect and Audit Protect to earn extra revenue!


ERO Protect

ERO Protect

Audit Allies provides EIC Due Diligence education & assistance for EROs. This product assists EROs through Education, In-person Audit Assistance, $20,000 in Penalty Assistance, and EIC Denied Credits. These four provisions provide much needed protection for EROs.

Audit Protect

AUDIT Protect

Audit Protect provides taxpayers with the peace of mind of knowing that somebody’s got their back in the event of an audit. For EROs, it cures the headache of having to deal with an audit themselves, so they can concentrate on business.

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